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Where Did my Bean Burger Go? Health Stories for Kids: Digestive System​


Have you ever wondered where your food goes after you eat it? In this joyful story you’ll travel next to Benny, the bean burger, in his trip through the digestive system. You’ll learn interesting words, visit unsuspected places and discover the amazing functions of the internal organs that help to transform your food into sheer energy.

Table of Contents

Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Digestive System
Chapter 1: Benny’s Exciting Morning
Chapter 2: Benny Gets Chewed Out
Chapter 3: Benny Rides the Waves in Hawaiian-Print Shorts
Chapter 4: Benny and the 20-Foot Pink Rubber Hose
Chapter 5: Benny Grosses Out the Whole Class!
Glossary of Terms
Helpful Resources
About the Author

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