Hi! I’m Brian And I’m a father to wonderful little boy named Julian. I’m the founder of Health Stories for Kids, which I created to help parents educate their kids about health and their body.

Kids are perpetually curious. That’s why as parents, we have an obligation to feed their curiosity and creativity. At the end of the day, we all want the best for our kids, right?

The Health Stories for Kids team believes in the power of stories. It breaks boundaries, creates new worlds, makes you see colors not just in blacks and whites, but also in blues, yellows, and pinks. And it widens our perspective and prohibit us from the curse of being narrow-minded.


Imagine what stories can do to kids.


In this website, we provide all the teaching materials you need to feed your child’s curiosity. Our books features characters who embarks on a journey of self-discovery and learning the amazing things their body can do.

Jake, the main character in The Day Jake Lost His Breath, learned that asthma shouldn’t hinder his love of sports, as long as he knows his limits and how to take care of himself. Tips for asthma and other illness are also provided in our blog.

Why Invest In Stories?

Health Stories for Kids will be your personal parenting handbook. We offer tips, advice, as well as support group for parents. We empower you and your kids through learning, and that’s what makes Health Stories for Kids tick.

By Investing in our stories, you don’t just give your child the best learning they can get out of school, you’re also helping us spread our vision to help all parents – especially a single parent – educate their child in a fun and adventurous way.