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Uppababy Mesa Review

The Uppababy Mesa is a popular infant car seat designed to provide parents with a safe and easy-to-use solution for transporting their newborns. The seat is suitable for infants weighing between 4-35 pounds and up to 32 inches in height.

One of the key features of the Mesa is its advanced safety features. The seat is equipped with an adjustable headrest and a no-rethread harness, which allows you to adjust the straps without having to take the seat apart. Additionally, the seat is designed with an advanced side-impact protection system to help keep your baby safe in the event of a crash.

Another important feature of the Mesa is its convenience. The seat is easy to install, thanks to its SMARTSecure system, which uses a tightness indicator and self-retracting LATCH connectors to ensure a secure fit. The seat is also designed with a breathable, moisture-wicking fabric to help keep your baby comfortable during long car rides.

One potential drawback of the Mesa is that it is relatively heavy compared to some other infant car seats on the market, weighing in at around 10 pounds. Additionally, the price point of the Mesa is higher than some other infant car seats, which may be a consideration for budget-conscious parents.

Overall, the Uppababy Mesa is a well-designed infant car seat that provides advanced safety features and convenient usability. While it may not be the lightest or most affordable option on the market, its reputation for safety and ease of use make it a popular choice for many parents.

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