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Exercise for Kids

Exercise for Kids

We all know how important exercise is. It’s one of the key components of a healthy lifestyle. Did you know that exercise is important for kids too? An hour of exercise a day can help lower blood pressure, help with losing weight or staying lean, reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and lower stress. Helping your child reduce stress and release energy can in turn help with concentration. That means better test performances and a more focused mind in the classroom.

Plus, exercising with your kids is easy! There are tons of activities that work your muscles and heart while also being fun.

Play basketball

If you don’t have your own basketball hoop at home most parks and recreational centers will have a basketball court. You don’t even need to know the rules of the game to get moving and have fun. If you don’t like basketball, any sport that gets you running and going is good. Soccer, kickball, softball, baseball, tennis, are all fun and active sports.

Riding a bike

Ride the bike to the store for a healthy treat, around the neighborhood, or better yet through a nature trail! Riding a bike is a great activity for families because anyone can join in. It works your legs and is great cardio. But remember, safety first! Always wear a helmet.

Ice skating or roller skating

Either one of these is a great choice. Roller skating and ice skating work out your legs and, of course, is excellent cardio. Plus, once you learn to roller skate or ice blade the other is that much easier to pick up.


Swimming is not only good family fun but great exercise. Swimming is one of the best workouts because it’s low impact and works everything in our body. Go to the pool on a hot summer day or in the winter visit your local rec-center and take a dip in their indoor pool.

Walking, jogging, or running

Like swimming, these are all excellent workouts because they work the whole body. It might not sound as exciting as riding a bike, taking a swim, or playing tennis but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Kids love games! So you can transform any of these simple workouts into a fun game. You can play tag, race down the block, or even follow the leader and turn simple walking into an obstacle course. Feel like going out some frozen yogurt? Instead of driving there why not walk? There’s tons of possibilities.

Getting healthy and staying in shape doesn’t have to be boring or tiresome. Working out doesn’t have to feel like work. Be creative and have fun! The options are endless.  Exercising with your kids won’t only help them get healthy, but you too! What do you like to do with your kids to stay healthy? Leave your ideas in the comments below!

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