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Emily’s Best Gift Ever! Health Stories for Kids: New Babies

Emily’s Best Gift Ever! Health Stories for Kids New Babies

Emily is about to be a big sister and she’s really happy with the thought. However, sometimes she starts to wonder: what if the new baby is really loud and cries a lot? What if her parents forget about her because they’re too busy taking care of the new baby? What if her baby sister doesn’t like her?
Can you exchange a baby in the store for another baby?
Read through this heartwarming story about the queries, the doubt and the sheer joy of a girl turned-up big sister.

Table of Contents

Tips for Baby Care and Developmental Milestones
Chapter 1: Emily is Impatient
Chapter 2: Emily Becomes a Big Sister
Chapter 3: The Big Day
Chapter 4: Emily gets a Scare!
Chapter 5: Emily’s Best Thanksgiving Ever
Glossary of Terms
Helpful Resources
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