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Baby Girl Bouncers

Baby Girl Bouncers

One of the most delightful things about having a baby daughter is all the wonderful infant products out there designed just for your little princess.  The ones below will delight you with their soft colors, delicate designs and motifs like butterflies and roses that celebrate everything about your special girl.  However, while these products are lovely to look at, they are just as sturdy and safety-oriented that those made for boys!  Check out these bouncers below, that will get your little girl off to dreamland.

Fisher Price Deluxe Bouncer, Rose Chandelier

This adorable bouncer, in a combination of soft, feminine pink and dove gray, with a small “chandelier” mobile of roses, is perfect for the little princess in your life!  And apart from its looks, this bouncer has a lot going for it that will make both parents and baby happy.  The chair has a vibration mode which can gently soothe babies to sleep, as well as an audio component which plays a variety of nature sounds and soft music to enhance the baby’s experience.  The bouncer itself is designed for comfort, with a soft, cushiony seat, a snuggler for the head and a 3-point harness to keep her safe and secure.  Parents will also like the fact that it is lightweight and folds up easily for portability and storage. In short, this is a great combination of looks and practicality from one of America’s most trusted name brands for children’s products.

Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Garden Delights Bouncer

No discussion of baby girl bouncers would be complete without a mention of Minnie Mouse! This lovely pink bouncer, decorated with images of Disney’s iconic figure, is also utterly feminine, with a soft, faux suede seat in light pink and soft overhead toys featuring Minnie Mouse, a heart and a butterfly.  On the practical side, the material is easily washable and provides excellent support for the baby’s head, while the 3-point harness keeps her in a secure position. This bouncer, too, has an audio component which plays melodies while the vibration mode can soothe babies and help them fall asleep in no time — so that you can get some sleep yourself! This fun and fashionable bouncer is another great choice for a bouncer for baby girls.

Baby Trend Rock’n 2-in-1 Bouncer

The sleek design of this bouncer, in a trendy combination of gray, black and pink, gives it a certain urban sophistication while still being incredibly girly.  It was was definitely designed with comfort and good sleep in mind: it has a vibration mode and a selection of soft music as well as a soft, plush seat and a 3-point harness to keep her in a secure position while she sleeps.  Plush toys hanging from the toy bar above provide great entertainment. The seat cushion not only provides good body support, it can be removed and easily machine-washed. Parents will also like the fact that it is lightweight, particularly urbanites who live in apartments and may have to carry baby stuff with them for several flights!  And no matter where you live, life can be easier with this kind of product that is simple to fold up and store for life on the go.

Tiny Love Gymini Princess Bouncer

This bouncer, made up just for little girls in shades of pink, purple, green and yellow in a fairy and flower design, is a great addition to your baby gear collection.  Your little girl will love the flush fairy toys suspended from adjustable bars that allow you to move the toys closer to and farther from her.  Reaching for these toys can help with hand-eye coordination and motor skills as she gets older.  There is also a full entertainment set included, complete with a teething toy and another one which lights up and plays music when the baby squeezes it. It has a selection of parent-friendly features, too, includes its lightweight portability, sturdy legs, and safety features.

Carter’s Snug Fit Bouncer

This bouncer is adorable in little girl pink with a design of whimsical owl toys suspended from a toy bar above the plush and comfortable seat, whose headrest and padding make it even easier to get to dreamland. There is also a vibration mode and a selection of quiet music helps to set the mood.  It was designed by Safety First and does have variety of great safety features like a safety harness and sturdy, secure legs to prop it up.  Parents will also like the fact that it comes already assembled and is very easy to travel with.

Are you thrilled to have a daughter in your life? Then think pink — and celebrate the fact that you are raising a girly girl!  The bouncers mentioned above are not only soft, feminine and beautiful to look at, they are all designed with safety and your baby’s comfort in mind.

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