Parents – especially those who are going to be parents for the first time – face an ocean of choices about what products they will use to raise their baby. Breast pump or formula bottles? Store-bought baby food or homemade? Disposable diapers or a cloth diaper service? The choices seem endless – and bewildering.  And parents can feel even more anxiety about the choice of a product like a car seat, since this is such a big health-and-safety issue for their baby.

The sad fact is that babies are involved in thousands of car accidents each year – and a major factor in whether or not a baby is harmed is having a safe and sturdy car seat.

The good news? Doing your homework ahead of time and you will be much more confident when you make your purchase that you are getting a car seat that will truly protect your child in the event of a collision.

If you have any specific question that needs to be answered, you can use the table below and click the topic you’re interested in. If not, read the complete review and learn all you need to learn from the product.

An Introduction to Uppa Baby Mesa

UppaBaby is a brand of baby products that provides parents with solid, stylish and easy-to-use baby products that combine attractiveness with sturdiness and user-friendly features.  This company’s stated mission is to help reduce the number of car-related infant injuries each year by providing parents with products that are user-friendly and that will actually be used on a daily basis.  The Uppababy Mesa is one of the latest car seat models that Uppababy has put out. It is meant for babies from 4 to 35 pounds in weight and up to 32 inches in height.

Safety and Comfort for Baby

Safety and comfort for your baby are the two most important considerations for any car seat and the Uppababy Mesa was designed with both in mind.

To begin with, this is exclusively a rear-facing seat: this is important for safety as research has shown that this style of car seat is the safest and most proactive for a baby in the event of a collision. Because it was designed to be so simple and quick to install and attach, this makes it more likely that parents will use it often and in the right way, both of which increase the efficacy of the product.

This seat was also designed with features like thick EPP foam to help with side impact protection: that is to say, if a vehicle is struck from the side, the baby will be safer in this style of car seat, which helps to absorb the impact of the crash and keep the baby safely and securely in place. In independent tests, the Mesa performed well above average for this kind of collision.  The car seat even comes with a red to green indicator button so that parents know in an instant that their seat is fastened correctly to the base.

Comfort features are also kept in mind. This seat can recline into four different positions, so you are sure to find one that your baby prefers while traveling.  The adjustable headrest and side support cushions and supports a baby’s body and the fabric on this seat is designed to be breathable and to wick moisture away from delicate skin to keep a baby cool and comfortable even on the hot day and to prevent problems like heat rash. For parents who live in the very warm or sunny climate, such as the South or Southwest U.S., this is an important factor to consider before purchasing.

Convenience for Mom and Dad

Right after baby’s comfort and safety should come convenience for mom and dad: after all, it is the parents that will have to use this product – often many times throughout the day as a family transitions from work to daycare to errands to home. Because of how often it will be in use, choosing a product that you are comfortable with and find easy to use is also important. Fortunately, this product has been designed with parent comfort in mind as well.

There are several features that parents will likely enjoy about the Uppababy Mesa. For one thing, clocking in at 11.1 pounds, it is much lighter and easier to manipulate this car seat than others in a similar class. It is also easy to install, taking literally around 10 seconds to click into use.

Its fabric is also easy to remove and is machine washable in cold water with line drying to follow. This is a major convenience, as spills and accidents are par for the course when traveling with a baby or young child, particularly if they have bottles or sippy cups. The fabric appears to be stain resistant even after it had been used for some time.

Another feature which makes the Mesa attractive to parents is that it can be used by itself or can fit into a travel system with other Uppa Baby products. The Mesa is completely compatible with the Vista or Cruz travel system, meaning that it can convert seamlessly from car seat to stroller, making life on the go even easier for busy parents.

What’s even better is that parents can buy the car seat by itself and purchase the stroller later or purchase both products together, depending on their needs. It is a great way to extend the use of this product and travel systems like these make running errands and dropping babies off at daycare easier on parents and babies both.

For parents of preemies or babies with low birth weight, simply finding a car seat that will fit your little one comfortably and safely can be a huge challenge – and some families even have to try out several types of car seats before finding one that is comfortable and safe.  Preemie parents will be delighted to find that this car seat is a great fit for this kind of special needs baby: again, this car seat is approved for babies as light as 4 pounds and the adjustable straps, built-in wedge and headrest can offer support and keep a small baby comfortable and safe while traveling. This can be a major relief and help protect a baby who is below average in weight, giving them the time they need to grow and develop.

Lastly, there is a question of price. Some of the high-end car seats/travel systems can retail at or above $1,200 and while these are really excellent products, that kind of price tag can put them beyond the reach of many families on the budget. Fortunately, this is not the case with the Uppababy Mesa, which is affordably priced at $299.99, making it mid- to low range in price.

For parents who are having to watch their expenditures, finding a good quality car seat that is not going to wipe out the family bank account is a dream come true! With the Mesa, you don’t have to choose between quality and price.

What Parents Like and Dislike about Uppababy Mesa

One of the best ways, apart from a trial use, to get a feel for a product is to research reviews from parents who have already purchased it. This can give you a more realistic view of the product’s strengths and weaknesses – and better prepare you for what using this car seat on a day to day basis will be like.

There is plenty of love about this product and parents, not surprisingly, were quick to praise its many convenience features, including the fact that it is easy to carry around and that the compatible strollers in the travel system fold up conveniently without taking up too much space in the home or trunk of a car. Again, for parents living in apartments or who drive small model vehicles, this can be a huge bonus.  Also, many parents were happy with the overall look and attractiveness of this product and found it to be visually very appealing.

With all the positive reviews, however, it is also important to point out that not all parents were entirely happy with this product. One of the top complaints about the Mesa was that the Styrofoam padding was visible when the product was installed in the car and many parents felt that this made the product seem shoddy or cheap-looking.

Another set of complaints focused on the top-covering canopy: parents reported that it was not very compatible with the seat handle — often getting knocked down or off – and that the clicking sound of the handle was loud enough to wake a baby up. For parents whose babies are light sleepers, this is an important factor to take into consideration.

To sum up, the Uppababy Mesa is an excellent middle-of-the-road product that tries to give parents the best of all worlds when it comes to important factors like safety, comfort, convenience and price. While some parents complained about the look of the exposed Styrofoam or the noise of the canopy, overall parents who purchased this product appeared pleased with both its safety and appearance as well as the ease with which busy moms and dads could use it on a day to day basis.