The problem with many baby products on the market is that, while they are great for the comfort and safety of your baby, they can be difficult or frustrating to use on a daily basis – and this can make an already busy day even harder to get through.

That is why choosing products that are parent-friendly is just as important as finding ones that you know you can rely on. The UPPAbaby G-LITE helps keep your baby comfortable and safe but also helps to make everyday life easier – something that first-time parents especially can really appreciate.

This review will give you the information you need about the Uppababy G Lite so that you can make an informed decision about whether it is right for you and your family – and feel confident about your purchase.

If you have pressing questions, click it at the table below. Otherwise, read the entire review to know everything you need about this product.

What You Should Know about the G Lite

The G Lite, manufactured by Uppababy, is the ultimate in lightweight strollers that clocks in a truly amazing 10 pounds, much lighter than other “lite” strollers on the market. And parents will be happy to know that in spite of this light weight, the stroller is capable of safely holding infants and young children up to 6 months of age or 55 pounds, which compares favorably to other lightweight strollers parents have to choose from.

The sleek design is attractive to the eye and the stroller comes in two colors, Jake (black) and Denny (red) and the purchase includes the aluminum frame, the fabric cover and the cup holder.

Let’s take a look at the features which make it comfortable and safe for a baby while at the same time being easier for mom and dad.

Safety and Comfort Features for Baby

Many parents might feel nervous about the purchase of a lightweight stroller. These lightweight products do not always have a good reputation and parents can sometimes be left feeling that they are sacrificing quality or safety for more convenience. However, it is important to remember that this is not always the case: just because a stroller is heavier does not necessarily mean it is any sturdier.

The G Lite manages to keep things light and easy while still keeping the baby in mind.  For one thing, to keep the weight of the stroller down, the sling sheet is made of a fine mesh which is breathable and keeps the baby cool and comfortable, even in the hot weather.

For families who live in a warm or humid climate and want to prevent problems like heat rash, this is a good stroller to consider investing in.

Another concession to warm weather is the removable cup holder that can help keep kids hydrated while you are on the go. Since young children especially dehydrate easily, this is a small but important feature for your stroller.  This can work both ways, however: babies being raised in colder climates might do well to get another type of stroller that is not quite so “open air”.

The canopy is another feature that is great for baby: incredibly lightweight, it can be removed if desired or can be extended to protect baby from the UV rays of the sun: it has a +50 SPF, so the protection is intense and for parents who like to get their baby out on sunny days without having to slather them down in sunscreen, this is also a great benefit.

Maximizing Convenience for Mom and Dad

Again, one of the best things about this product is how much easier it makes life for mom and dad, especially for those who have a busy schedule and are already on the run.

It is also attractive for parents who are city-dwellers who may have several flights of stairs to run up and down in their apartments or have to pack their strollers into smaller, urban cars. Not only is it easy to haul around because of its convenient carrying strap, it folds and unfolds quickly and with only the use of one handed needed, so you can hold onto your baby at the same time.

When folded, it is designed to take up as little space as possible. Another added convenience is the mesh storage bag that lies beneath the seat: it is large enough for a standard-sized diaper bag, though not for much more: this means that parents will have to carry keys, purses and other personal items on them.

An important quality of a good stroller – which parents can sometimes overlook – is how well it handles and how easy it is to maneuver through the places moms and dads need to go throughout the day.  The design of this stroller allows it to be manipulated between aisles of grocery stores, around tables in restaurants and through parks when a family is taking a stroll.

Part of this is because of the tall, parent-friendly handles with their soft grips that allow for parent comfort.  The all-wheel brakes on this stroller and its suspension allow for a smooth ride as well.  Furthermore, the wheels swivel (good for maneuvering it in places like restaurants) or lock into place (which makes it easier to walk in the park or a mall).

One of the things that parents really appreciate about the G lite is that, especially compared to other lightweight umbrella strollers, this product feels and looks like it is at the higher end of the scale: the fabric is soft and well-woven, the color contrast between the frame and cover is striking and the frame itself, though lightweight, is sturdy and does not wobble or rattle like other strollers in this category.

Also, the sunshade is one of the largest among the lightweight umbrella strollers and is both flexible and taut: the back of the sunshade snaps to the top but can be unsnapped in order to increase ventilation.

Uppababy G Lite Sale Price

Another thing that parents will appreciate about the Uppababy G Lite is the price.  It’s a mid-range product and the price fits well into any budget, even for families that are really watching their pennies – and this can be a big consideration, especially with all the other expensive products that parents need to invest in with a baby on the way.

What Parents Liked – and Disliked – about the G Lite

Advertisers can give you a glowing review about a product, but when you take it home for yourself, it can still be a disappointment. A great way to get a more unvarnished truth about how an item really works is to get reviews from parents who have actually bought this product for themselves.

Doing your homework in this department and understanding more about what other experienced with this product can give you a better idea of what to expect.

What parents like about G Lite?

Not surprisingly, what parents raved the most about was the portability and user-friendliness of this stroller: its light weight, the fact that it is easy to fold or unfold and its maneuverability make it great for daily use and also for airport travel as well.  Other features which parents found great were the harness, which keeps the baby in place and does not pinch the fingers and the large storage space which can help hold diapers, bottles and other baby paraphernalia.

Many parents also found that they were very pleased with the brakes, which have a double-brake design and are easy to use even when wearing sandals.

What parents don’t like about G Lite?

However, there are also features about the G Lite that parents were definitely not crazy about. Some parents felt that the mesh sling seat was breathable, it lacked adequate head, heel and back support and that some kids slipped down in their seat.

Other parents complained about the wheels, including the fact that they were difficult to maneuver on uneven or unpaved surfaces and wore out more quickly than expected.  This made it tricky to maneuver on curbs and almost impossible to get upstairs.

There were also a few complaints about the button to close the stroller malfunctioning at times and about the fact that there was too much recline to the seat, making it difficult for some tots to get a good nap.  And while this appeared unusual, a few parents did report that their older children were able to release themselves from the straps.

However, positive reviews outweighed the negative ones and on the whole, parents found that the G Lite’s amazing portability and overall quality of the product made up for other flaws in its design.

What we think of Uppababy G Lite?

In short, the Uppababy G Lite is, as its name implies, an incredibly lightweight stroller which is easy to fold/unfold and store and makes it attractive for families who are constantly on the go. However, some parents felt that there was not adequate support for head, neck and feet and that it was not as easy to maneuver as it first appeared.

What many families have opted for is to use this as a secondary stroller for when they are travelling, taking advantage of its compactness and easy use to make a difficult day a little less complicated to get through.