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Some stories have a hero that saves the day; some others have a very clever detective that resolves complex cases. In this story, you’ll join not only a clever character that knows how to save your day, but the world’s greatest spy. A spy that perceives if you feel scared or happy about something, that knows when you’re lying and has a complete army under his command. Join the world’s greatest spy to a journey in your nervous system!

Table of Contents

Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Nervous System
Chapter 1: The Spy Story Begins
Chapter 2: The Super-Duper Top Secret Spy Chamber
Chapter 3: The Spy Who Played Simon Says
Chapter 4: Hey, Who Turned Out the Lights?
Chapter 5: You Are What You Think!
Glossary of Terms
Helpful Resources
About the Author

Brian is the founder and main writer for Health Stories for Kids. He is a current Ph.D. graduate and MD candidate who enjoys writing about health and science. He is also a firm believer in the Power of Stories.