My sister came very shortly after I did (I believe they call this an Irish twin – Wiktionary …we’re only 13 months apart).

You know those cute stories where the older sibling is immediately in love with the younger one? That wasn’t me. And I was having none of that story.

I was about a year old, and when I saw my mom in the hospital with the new baby I said, “Take her back. Give her back. No thank you.” I really identified with the older cat at the time:

And eventually I begrudgingly taught her the ropes.

We thought being close in age was the Best Thing Ever. But then we hated it (it’s that stage where you fight with your sibling no matter what…even over really trivial things…ages 8-17). But now we love it again. We go through the same things life-stage-wise, and we’re there to support one another.

One day my mom implied that my sister was the “oops” baby. I joked with my sister that she was the “accident child”, and it was all light-hearted. We didn’t care. I didn’t care. Sometimes we joke about it and roll our eyes still.

We aren’t close with our parents, but us two are very very close. My mom was right — Your sister will be there no matter what. We’re best friends for life, and make our relationship a priority.

When I rushed a sorority, they kept telling us all how we were sisters and I patently (at some points verbally) rejected it. I almost dropped because my Freshman year roommate kept calling us “sisters” at Chapter (our weekly meetings). I talked to the President because I was wondering what they expected of us in terms of commitment here.

I have one sister, she’s my best friend of 18+ years (out of 22 and 23 respectively — even though we were best termed “frenemies” at one point), and nobody else can be that. I can have best friends, I can have a boyfriend/best friend, but there’s nobody else who’s my sister.

She might’ve been an “accident”, but our friendship and sisterhood is no accident. We make a choice every day to be there for each other.

I love you, Isabella!

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