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Did you really wash your hands well enough? Are you sure? Germs are everywhere! Sam is so concerned about getting sick with some horrible disease that he just can’t stop having desperate thoughts about it and washing his hands over and over again just to make sure that he really scrubs down good. This is Sam’s secret, but, what will happen if it’s revealed?

Table of Contents

Tips for Coping with OCD
Chapter 1: Dude, Where’s My Soap?
Chapter 2: When it All Began
Chapter 3: Sam’s Backpack Gives Him Away
Chapter 4: In Which Sam’s Secret Life Isn’t So Secret Anymore
Chapter 5: Six Months Later
Glossary of Terms
Helpful Resources
About the Author

Brian is the founder and main writer for Health Stories for Kids. He is a current Ph.D. graduate and MD candidate who enjoys writing about health and science. He is also a firm believer in the Power of Stories.