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Moving house is not fun, especially for a young girl that has to make new friends in her new middle school. Sammi face this situation with all her natural cheerfulness and is excited to attend to a Homecoming Football Game. However, in the middle of it, Sammi suffers a seizure, and a series of unexpected circumstances arise. Join Sammi in her path to knowledge (and the power that knowledge bestows) on how to live a happy, healthy life with epilepsy.

Table of Contents

Tips for Caregivers of Children with Epilepsy
Chapter 1: Big News
Chapter 2: The ER
Chapter 3: Tests and More Tests
Chapter 4: Another Lightning Storm
Chapter 5: The Overnight EEG
Chapter 6: A Seizure on Tape
Chapter 7: A New Normal
Glossary of Terms
Helpful Resources
About the Author

Brian is the founder and main writer for Health Stories for Kids. He is a current Ph.D. graduate and MD candidate who enjoys writing about health and science. He is also a firm believer in the Power of Stories.