If you are an urbanite with a busy schedule and like to go about town with your little one, then there are a lot of things that you will have to consider before purchasing a stroller that will fulfill your particular needs.  A stroller that is easy to both unfold and to collapse, that takes up little space in a car (or in the corner of your home) and that can easily navigate through an uneven, crowded and otherwise complex urban environment is really important — as is a stroller which can make travel easier for moms and dads, whether they are maneuvering through airports or train stations — or just the family garage.

An Introduction to the Mountain Buggy Nano

Mountain Buggy is a company which has earned itself a solid reputation for safety and durability in its products and has put out a whole series of strollers for a whole variety of family needs. Their Nano, so named because of its extremely light weight, is designed for the family with a busy day-to-day schedule or one who travels a lot and needs convenient baby transport.

A nice thing to know about this product is that the company has been refining it for several years — and that the latest model of this stroller has several new features which will benefit both parents and babies. These include:

  • A 30% deeper recline of the seat, to help the baby sleep.
  • A one inch narrower width, so it is even easier to navigate in restaurants, malls and other crowded areas.
  • A solid flip-over visor which protects from ultraviolet rays of sunlight and a fabric overlay to help keep babies comfortable in rainy or otherwise inclement weather.
  • Ultra slimline wheels make it easier to manipulate around a variety of environments.

The stroller itself is good for kids up to 44 pounds in weight or 4 years old.  It is a mere 21x12x20 inches when in a folded position. And clocking in at 13 pounds, it is definitely on the lightweight side. The streamlined, urban shape is attractive to the eye and it comes in a variety of colors, many of which are gender neutral.

Comfort and Safety for Baby

Obviously, the top considerations that most parents have before making a stroller purchase is that their item be capable of keeping their baby safe as well comfortable. Comfort features on the Mountain Buggy Nano include great suspension to help maintain a smooth ride even over bumpy urban features like uneven sidewalks or cobblestoned streets.

Some “lightweight” or “ultra lightweight” products have earned a reputation for shoddiness or poor construction and parents might worry that in order to get a stroller that is easy to move around, they will have to sacrifice safety or quality. Fortunately, in the case of the Nano, families can get both.  For those who have newborns, the Nano offers its Cocoon (sold separately), a soft shell carrycot with a zip-up cover to shield newborns from the elements and allow them uninterrupted sleep even when you are travelling. The stroller’s suspension allows for a smooth ride even when the environment is unpaved or uneven.

Safety is also paramount here and the Nano has actually won the Red Dot Award –which is given to designs that are innovative and baby safety in mind — as well as the Baby and Pregnancy’s Awards from Sainsbury’s for 2015.

Convenience for Mom and Dad

After safety and convenience for the baby, convenience for mom and dad are the next most important features to take into consideration.

Again, this product was designed for parents with busy schedules and/or those who travel a lot. Its light weight and narrow size, along with the fact that it is easy to fold and collapse and comes with a travel bag and carry-on strap makes it easy to transfer from cars to homes to errands and back again, all with minimal inconvenience. It also takes up only a small amount of space in at home or the trunk of a car, making it a good choice for those with apartments and/or smaller car models.

For any parent who has struggled with heavy, bulky or hard-to-use baby equipment while travelling, the Nano is likely to come as a breath of fresh air. Unlike many similar strollers, the Nano was also tested specifically to see how well it would perform during travel situations, such as transferring at the airport or boarding a train. The Nano did extremely well, navigating easily through crowded stations and even being small enough to fit into an overhead compartment on a plane, saving parents the hassle of having to check in their stroller. For parents who do travel a lot and bring their children with them, this is probably one of the top strollers on the market for these specific needs.

Another need that Nano has taken into consideration is the family with an older sibling who still might need close supervision. For this, the company has created the Connect Freerider scooter, which attaches to the rear axle to accommodate the second child. It can also convert to a free-wheeling scooter for children to use as they age.  This product is also sold separately but can be a major convenience for a growing family.  Other accessories for the Nano that make life easier for parents include all-weather covers to help protect babies from inclement weather, a handle storage bag that allows parents to keep their own paraphenalia — like drinks, keys, cards and cell phones — close to hand while on the go.

Yet another feature about the Nano that parents are likely to appreciate is the price. Clocking in at $249.99, this stroller is very reasonably priced and can fit into even a modest family budget. For families who are having to watch their dollars, this can be a real relief, particularly considering the cost of other baby products on the market today.

This combination of an affordable price and the consideration given to the safety and comfort of the baby as well as the convenience of the parents is one of the things which has led to its winning several awards — as well as to overall positive reviews from parents who have purchased and used this stroller.

Likes and Dislikes about this Product

A stroller is a big purchase and one of the disadvantages of buying online is that you don’t get to actually try it out until you have already bought the product. One of the best ways to learn about an item — short of actually using it yourself — is finding out about what others who have had it like and dislike about it.  Here are some of the major likes and dislikes about the Mountain Buggy Nano.

The good news is that there is plenty to love about this stroller. Parents reported that, unsurprisingly, one of the features that they liked most was the fact that this stroller was able to fold up quickly and compactly, taking up little space in the car or home in between uses. It is not only convenient to use, it can be carried around easily with a travelling case and strap. Another feature that many parents raved about was the extra large storage space underneath the seat that can accommodate diaper bags, bottles and other baby paraphenalia with ease. It can also transfer easily to a travel system and accommodate any car seat with the use of adapters. Alternatively, if parents want to purchase a Mountain Buggy car seat, this will fit in with just the use of bungee cords, with no adaptors necessary. These are all big conveniences for busy parents.

However, there were also features about the stroller that parents were not happy with. For one thing, some parents felt like the stroller, despite its claim of light weight, was still too large and heavy to be easy to handle and some also found it hard to collapse into a folded position, making it less attractive to use when you are in a hurry. There were several reviews which also mentioned that fact that this stroller can be difficult to steer/maneuver onto uneven surfaces, such as an unpaved trail in a city park or a bumpy sidewalk. Also, many parents wished that the stroller had a greater range of positions to lock into so that a baby can sit further upright as it gets older — or conversely, lie further back. However, it is important to note that overall, the “likes” for this product outweigh the “dislikes” — and that there were no complaints about the safety features of this product.

In short, the Mountain Buggy Nano is a great choice for parents who have a busy, urban lifestyle and an environment to navigate through that includes crowded restaurants or malls, narrow aisles in the supermarket or the like. While some parents were put off by the size and weight of this product, generally most found it easy to navigate and counted its sturdiness as an asset.  And for parents who travel a lot and have to navigate planes, trains and cars, this is definitely a great stroller to consider.