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If you were to see Molly and Liam walking down the street, you would never guess Molly’s protectiveness over her baby brother. Even when Liam is only one year younger, Molly takes as her special mission to look out for her sweet, quiet sibling, who also happens to be autistic. However, sometimes protectiveness can go wrong, and Molly finds herself in trouble for trying to defend Liam. Learn next to Molly about autism, a disorder that affects 1 in 68 children in the United States.

Table of Contents

Tips for Living with Autism
Chapter 1: Molly’s Morning Goes Wrong
Chapter 2: The Big Black Chair
Chapter 3: Lessons and Lollipops
Chapter 4: Molly Plays with the Monkeys
Chapter 5: Molly is Promoted to Conductor
Glossary of Terms
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About the Author

Brian is the founder and main writer for Health Stories for Kids. He is a current Ph.D. graduate and MD candidate who enjoys writing about health and science. He is also a firm believer in the Power of Stories.