Many parents, when faced with the bewildering array of baby products, will go with a name they can trust when choosing important items for their baby. Eddie Bauer is one such name.

Since its beginning, this company has earned a reputation as a maker of high-quality but moderately priced American-made clothing, but decades ago expanded their line into areas like household goods and baby products.

Among their baby product line is the Alpine 4 stroller, a travel system in which the baby’s car seat converts into a stroller so that busy parents can move seamlessly from car to stroller and back again, often without even waking a sleeping baby.

For parents who both work, have many stops to make in an average day or simply find themselves on the road a lot, this kind of travel system is well worth considering, as it can make life – especially during the work week — considerably easier.

Check out this review of the Eddie Bauer Alpine 4 to see if it is right for you and your baby.

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About the Alpine 4

The Alpine 4 system is centered on the SureFit Infant Car Seat, which accommodates infants and young children between 4 and 35 pounds. This means that parents with premature babies or babies with low birth weight will find this a very accommodating system for their smaller infant.

At the same time, this also means that the system will virtually “grow” with your baby and will follow them easily into toddlerhood, so you will have this system for a long time without the need to replace it right away. In other words, this is can be considered to be a more long-term investment for your child.

And let’s face it, one of the most enjoyable things about picking out baby items is how they look! Parents are often attracted to the sleek, simple lines of the Alpine 4, which can go from outings in the park to the most fashionable play dates without breaking a sweat. The three available colors – Orchid, Onyx and Twilight Blue – are all attractive and offer gender-neutral and attractive options for your travel system.

Features for a Safe and Comfortable Baby

The two advantages that top-quality travel systems offer for your baby are safety and comfort – and for busy parents who are constantly in transit, these are two of the things they look for when they are about to make a purchase. The Alpine 4 has a variety of features which mean that you don’t have to choose between the two.

For most parents, of course, the most important feature of a travel system is that it is safe for their baby. The SureFit infant car seat has a 5-point harness and is rear-facing (which is considered to be the safest make of car seat in the industry).

It also comes with side impact protection, which is essential in the case of a side-on collision. The car seat fits firmly into its parent base and will stay in place even if the car is in an accident. With QuickClick technology, the car seat fits easily and safely into the car seat base – and stays there even in the event of a collision. This is one of the many reasons why it has been given JPMA certification.

Even as a stroller, features like a canopy which can slide over the child’s head can protect against UV rays from the sun as well as inclement weather. This is also a consideration for families that live in climates that are either very sunny or very cold, wet or rainy.

After safety, comfort is probably the most important point that parents take into consideration when decided to make this kind of purchase. One nice feature is the infant headrest insert, which is especially good for smaller babies and again, makes this system very accommodating for babies born prematurely and/or with low birth weight. This is an important consideration, because not all car seats are meant for smaller-than-average babies.

Adjustable straps to keep your baby snugly (but not too tightly) in place and soft side pillows make travel much easier on your little one. Many parents also appreciate the fact that the straps are padded, which makes the ride as comfortable for the baby as possible. After all, the more comfortable a baby is, the more likely they will be to sleep on while you are in transit!

Making Life Easier for Mom and Dad as Well

Obviously, a good travel system should not just make life safer and more comfortable for baby – it should make life easier for mom and dad as well! Don’t worry, there are plenty of features to love about the Alpine 4 from a parent’s point of view, features that can make the average day easier to get through.

To begin with, there is generous under-the-seat storage which gives you plenty of room to bring along diaper bags, extra bottles and clothing and whatever else your baby needs to get through their day. The stroller hand is height-adjustable and with a comfortable grip and the front-wheel swivel makes it easy to maneuver through wherever you need to go: in fact, it is designed for one-handed steering, so that you can manipulate the stroller while holding shopping bags, purses, etc.

There is a parent tray with cup holder and room for a snack and other necessities. The system is also easy to use, converting smoothly from car seat to stroller and also folding up easily into your trunk space in between uses. It does not take up much room at home, either, and can comfortably fit into most closets. For parents who have smaller cars or live in apartments where space is at a premium, this can be an attractive benefit.

Another parent-friendly aspect about this travel system is the price. While some systems can be well over the $1,200 mark, which would strain many families’ budgets, the Alpine 4 is reasonably priced at $349.99. For families watching their budgets, this can be a more pocketbook-friendly alternative to higher-end products. Parents can feel assured, however, that they are not sacrificing quality or safety when making this kind of purchase.

Parents with little time to spare during the day also tend to look for baby products that do not require a lot of special care. Some travel systems can be fussy or difficult to care for from day to day, but with the Alpine 4, this is not the case. The car seat pad is removable and machine washable in case of spills or accidents and the frame of the stroller can be wiped down easily with a damp cloth to keep it clean. In short, this is not a high-maintenance product!

Parental Likes and Dislikes

Because a travel system is considered to be a major purchase in the realm of baby products, it can often make buyers more confident to hear about the experiences of other parents. What parents said most often about this product was that they enjoyed the fact that it was easy to transport from home to vehicle and back again and that it fit easily into a car trunk or at-home closet.

Most parents found it easy to click the carrier into both the car seat and the stroller. They also found it easy to maneuver, even in crowded conditions. Parents also reported that they felt like their baby was truly safe in the car seat while they were traveling and that, on the whole, the system felt safe and sturdy and they considered that for the price, they were getting a high-quality product that they could feel good about.

However clever the design of a travel system, however, there are bound to be drawbacks – and these are good to be aware of as well before making a purchase. One complaint among some parents was that the shade visor was prone to falling off when the stroller was taken over rough or unpaved surfaces.

Other parents reported that, in general, the stroller did not handle as well and was difficult to maneuver over grass, gravel or other uneven terrain and that, under such conditions, the stroller felt heavy and unwieldy. Some parents had problems with assembling the stroller to begin with, though were satisfied with the stroller once it was put together.

In short, if you are the typical busy parent with lots of stops to make during the average day and the need for a travel system which will keep your baby comfortable and safe, the Eddie Bauer Alpine for is well worth the consideration.

Its moderate price, high quality and the ease with which it converts from a car seat to a stroller and back again makes even the busiest and most hectic day less stressful and helps your baby to sleep through however many errands you need to run. Its stylish design and fashionable colors also make it a more attractive addition to your baby’s collection of necessities.