Good Sleep

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Kenny is a basketball enthusiast. When the time to sleep arrives, Kenny bids goodnight to his parents, and, instead of sleeping, stays awake playing a handheld game. Little does he know that this sleep-deprivation would lead to a never-ending yawning at school and the presence of a scary alien in his closet. How will Kenny avoid his nightmares?

Table of Contents

Tips for Good Sleep
Chapter 1: Kenny has a Secret
Chapter 2: The Alien in Kenny’s Closet
Chapter 3: Kenny’s Longest Day Ever!
Chapter 4: Kenny Fesses Up
Chapter 5: Kenny’s New Routine
Glossary of Terms
Helpful Resources
About the Author

Brian is the founder and main writer for Health Stories for Kids. He is a current Ph.D. graduate and MD candidate who enjoys writing about health and science. He is also a firm believer in the Power of Stories.