Back On The Court

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Age Level: 7 and up | Grade Level: 1st grade and up

Back On The Court is a fun story to read with your child going through a sports injury and rehabilitation. Join Junie in her path to knowledge (and the power that knowledge bestows) on how to live a happy, healthy life with an ankle sprain, a common orthopedic sports injury in pediatrics.

This book is part of the Health Stories for Kids series (, in which the main goal is to serve as an educational resource that will benefit parents and children alike. The fictional stories include characters, who are just like you/your child, that discover why they are different and learn that they can overcome and lead normal lives.

Table of Contents

1. Close Match

2. A Visit to the Hospital

3. Junie goes to Physical Therapy

4. Back on the Court

5. What These Words Mean

6. About the Author

About the Author

Dr. Thaomy Beltran is a Physical Therapy board certified Pediatric Clinical Specialist. She teaches in the PT program at UC San Francisco/San Francisco State University. She has over ten years of clinical experience in inpatient and outpatient pediatrics and adult care, aquatic therapy, and actively involved in the physical therapy community. Dr. Beltran is a kid at heart and is passionate about helping others and loves to see the smile on her patients’ face when they have learned a new skill. She believes in getting children more interested in talking about their health and getting parents more involved in educating their children about their bodies.