Brian Wu

Brian Wu

Founder and Author

Brian Wu, PhD is a 4th year medical student at USC and the founder of Health Stories For Kids, a media company dedicated to using narrative medicine as a patient and family education tool with a focus on wellness with or without illnesses. He is interested in a psychiatry residency and a child psychiatry fellowship while combining his interests in research, advocacy, and entrepreneurship. He is deeply in love with his wife and son and hopes their lives are filled with magic and stories too.

Health Stories for Kids

Health Stories for Kids was founded in 2014 by Brian Wu, Ph.D. Brian and his team are committed to present you only the best stories—ones that are not only fun but also full of health tips and great pieces of advice.

Any disease can be a difficult thing to cope, even as an adult. Children might find it harder because—sometimes—they don’t fully understand what’s going on inside them. It can also be extremely trying for the parents and caregivers because no one wants to see a child suffer.

In order to be helpful and remain fun, each one of the Health Stories for Kids details a particular disease in the context of a children’s story.

In the image below you’ll find the main divisions of each book’s content: