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Any disease can be a difficult thing to cope, even as an adult. Children might find it harder because—sometimes—they don’t fully understand what’s going on inside them.

That’s why HSFK is here, providing easy to understand and fun to read content to explain the not so simple health stuff to the children who want to know and the adults who need to teach.

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Babies and Autism

Babies and Autism

If your baby brother or sister has been diagnosed or autism -- or if you know someone who is autistic ...
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Baby Health and Thrush

Baby Health and Thrush

If your baby sister’s mouth suddenly gets some weird white splotches on it and she seems fussy and not interested ...
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Daily Dose of Green Space

It’s time to turn off the T.V., put down your cell phone, and hit pause on that video game because ...
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10 Unique and Fun Facts about the Cardiovascular System

The cardiovascular system is compromised of the heart, blood, and blood vessels. The three types of blood vessels are arteries, ...
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Child Listening

The Journey of Ear Infections

One of the worst struggles a child can endure is an inner ear infection. It may not sound like much, ...
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The Immune System: An Overview

The immune system is a complex system of bodily functions and processes that fight against disease and other negative, infectious ...
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About HSFK

Health Stories for Kids was founded in 2014 by Brian Wu, Ph.D. Brian and his team are committed to present you only the best stories—ones that are not only fun but also full of health tips and great pieces of advice.

In order to be helpful and remain fun, each one of the Health Stories for Kids details a particular disease in the context of a children’s story.

Latest Posts

Back On The Court. Health Stories For Kids: Injuries and Rehabilitation

Age Level: 7 and up | Grade Level: 1st grade and up NEW BOOK! Back On The Court is a fun story to read with your child going through a sports injury and rehabilitation. Join Junie in her path to knowledge (and the power that knowledge bestows) on how to live a happy,...
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Learning Infant CPR

Having a baby suddenly collapse or stop breathing is every parent’s worst nightmare, one which many parents understandably do not even want to think about. However, being prepared for even a worst case scenario is an important part of parenting – and it can make you...
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Best Bedtime Stories for Kids

Reading to your kids at any time is one of the best things you can do for them…but there is something extra special about the bedtime reading ritual. It can be a great part of parent-baby bonding time and can also help a baby to relax and get ready for sleep – and...
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Indoor Activities

If you live in a very warm or very cold climate, chances are you might have long periods of time each year when outdoor activity is more limited.  And have high-energy kids cooped up in the house all day with no outlets for their energy is a recipe for disaster! ...
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Short Moral Stories for Kids

As a good parent, you want to do more than just teach your young children about shapes, colors, numbers and letters (though that is important, too!). It is also important to teach them about the concepts of right and wrong and to help instill in them a moral compass...
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DIY Projects for all Kinds of Kids!

Whether you’re wanting to find some fun projects to work on with your kids or are just wanting to kill some time on a rainy day, DIY projects are a good thing to consider. The simple fact is that kids LOVE to make things! These projects below are designed to appeal to...
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